Bored of Lockdown

Published: 04/06/2023

Well, we are all getting a little bit bored of lockdown, it’s often been described as being a bit like Groundhog Day. We have created a list of some ideas to make staying at home a little bit more fun. The items include games, embracing a new project or learning new skills...

1. Darts

Spice up your games, since we can’t go to the pub, bring the pub to you with a cool dartboard, or even go for a safer option and but a magnetic one so safer if you have young children

2. Sudoku

Looking for something a bit more challenging ….. Why not exercise your brain at the same time and try Sudoku or a crossword

3. Jigsaw

Can you remember the joy of completing a jigsaw, check your loft to see if you have any old jigsaw puzzle and before you know it hours will have past by.

4. Lego

Lego can also keep you busy and surprise your kids with a building competition. Lego is perfect for keeping your mind busy and you can get that YES moment of winning.

5. Karaoke

Dance it out, blast a few tunes and dance around your bedroom or living room or even try family karaoke

6. Murder Mystery

Play a murder mystery game, bored of zoom quizzes, elevate your gameplay with an online game suitable for 4 – 24 people. There are a number of companies now producing these.

7. Photo Album

Remember that holiday you had in 2018…. or when you last went skiing. Make sure those memories are treasured by taking the time to compile a photo album or scrapbook. Or even learn come video editing to make a movie of them all…

8. Plant some flowers

Introduce some colour into your hose and plant some flowers. It may be winter but that does not mean you cannot get some pots started indoors ready to transfer to the garden when that sun starts warming up your garden a bit more.

9. Learn to knit

Knitting is not just for grandmas. You can hand knit with oversize chunky wool there are lots of how-to guides on youtube. Or if you fancy something a bit smaller why not try cross stitch, it’s apparently trending in January.

10. Learn-to play a new instrument

Always planned to learn the guitar. Well nows the time to learn with easy to follow tutorial available in all shapes and sizes online and offline

11. Finish that job

Take time to tackle that improvement you did not finish be that painting, upholstering or just rearranging that room. It may just increase the value of your home …..