Ideas To Paint Your Home During Lockdown

Published: 06/06/2023

In between the home-schooling, snack dispensing, cooking, cleaning etc, We thought we put together this useful guide! To give you a few ideas on how to paint your home during the lockdown also…..

Whilst we may all not relish another task it appears that many of us want an escape from the constant covid news updates. Hopefully, with a little bit of work, these clever ideas will provide a break whilst also increase the value of your home.

Make the inside of your front door colourful.

Hallways are often narrow and dark and can be hard to get inspired about from, a design point of view. But the inside of the front door is an ideal opportunity to make a statement. Think about balancing dark and light and working with what you have on your walls. There is nothing that says the inside of the door has to be the same colour as the outside of the door. They can even clash because the two will never be viewed next to each other.

Or you can even try a few internal doors

Highlight Your Shelves

Another fun way to inject some colour into a white or bland kitchen without committing to new kitchen units or tiles is this low-cost idea. With a little effort, it’s easy to create a mural framing around spaces from the sink to shelves.

Frame a Frame  

One of the simplest and easy to try ideas is to create a border around your artwork. This often works best on light, neutral walls but you could try it on dark walls too. It can make a smaller piece of art have the same impact as a much larger piece.

Paint Your Fireplace

Another quick wat to give a  room an instant lift is to paint the fireplace or install and fake one and paint that. You could paint it the same colour as the walls, or you could go for something completely different.

Reach for the ceiling

A little bit more time consuming is our last suggestion of painting your ceiling.

They are not always the easiest thing to paint but if you want to change the whole impact of a room consider adding strong colour to your walls with a soft dusky dreamy ceiling colour.